"Freeze", 2022

Terrain Dallas, Dallas, TX
July 10 - August 13, 2022

My unique installation "Freeze" at Terrain Dallas is based on the unusual week-long period of freezing temperatures in Dallas, TX during February 2021. During that February freeze a group of 40-year old Pittosporum bushes in my Dallas back yard died due to a sudden week-long drop to below-freezing temperatures. After waiting patiently for several weeks as temperatures rose, but not observing any signs of life, I decided to cut the bushes back drastically and paint the remaining bare limbs to create my sculptures. Along with other objects from my yard, my installation "Freeze" is a ghostly omen warning of the coming effects of climate change, unless human intervention is taken to avert.

"What Remains ", 2021
Medium: backyard, frozen Pittosporum bushes, paint
Size of each bush: approximately 2´(W) x 2´(H) x 2´´(D)


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