"I'm So Glitché ", 2016

Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, TX

"I’m So Glitché" is a new series of photographic and sculptural installations inspired by the glitché, literally a mistake or malfunction, something broken in the digital code. However, in my work the glitché is intentionally transformed into something new, beautiful, and exciting. My glitchéd photos and sculptures convey meaning by directly confounding expectations and muddling memory.

I outsource the glitching of my photographs to the iPhone app Glitché, in which filters are used to apply the effects of manipulation of the digital image code. They are then posted to Instagram, hash-tagged, and printed out onto vinyl, a material commonly used for public signage. My signs speak in multiple ways to the rapidly evolving definition of photography. Unstable images, scripted mistakes, repetition, automation, and versioning all point to a 21st century liberation from the historic perspective of monocular human vision.

Sculptural works in "I’m So Glitché" expand the glitché into three dimensions via dripped paint, piled furniture, unexpected associations, and photographs randomly projected right side up, upside down, frontwards, and backwards.  Like Dada art, my glitchéd sculptures address concepts of chance, fluidity, and process.

Medium: UV cured ink on vinyl baner
Size: 30 x 30 inches

More coming soon!

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