"weputthis_____oneverythingandyoushouldtoo", 2014

Mokah Art Gallery, Dallas, TX

The nine artists in this exhibition were enrolled in my Fall 2012 Graduate Photography Studio class at the University of North Texas in Denton. Some began the semester already knowing one another, one was a visiting student enrolled in the Graduate Photography program at Texas Woman’s University, and others were completely new to UNT. Coming from diverse educational backgrounds and geographic locations, this group of individuals evolved over the course of one semester to become a cohesive artistic force. I encourage my students to imagine freely, to use the classroom as a laboratory/gallery, to dare to experiment, to be perfectionists, to push themselves and have fun with their photo projects at the same time. I feel strongly that positive experiences motivate and energize. I chose to focus on the topic of “the frame” throughout the semester. We discussed various categories, definitions, and examples of frames in art, such as artist’s frames; absolute, intrinsic, supplementary, and disengaged frames; and even something I call the extended frame. The works in this exhibition are the results of that very productive semester.

Group Pano, left to right: Ben Davis, Elva Salinas, Zackarriah Hamze, Adam Neese, Kathy Lovas,
Derek Rankins, Longhui Zhang, Rachel Rushing, Lynné Bowman, Patrick O'Neill, 2012
Photo by Adam Neese; modified by Kathy Lovas (added Adam Neese at lower left)

"weputthis_____oneverythingandyoushouldtoo", (installation view 1), 2014
left to right: Derek Rankins, "Photographs of Objects as Object"; Adam Neese, "Untitled (Burial at Site 2)"; Adam Neese, "Active Passing"
Photo by Ben Davis

"weputthis_____oneverythingandyoushouldtoo", (installation view 2), 2014
left to right: Patrick O'Neill, "Denton Heights"; Elva Salinas, "Dreams" and "Women of Del Rio"; Lynné Bowman, "Untitled"
Photo by Ben Davis

Derek Rankins, "Photographs of Objects as Object", 2013
Medium: photographs, tape, U-line crate, packing peanuts

Adam Neese, "Active Passing, 2009
Medium: Super 8 mm / SD video, furniture

Longhui Zhang, "MEMORY', 2012
Medium: watercolor on board, videos in digital frames, chair

Lynné Bowman, "Untitled', 2013
Medium: DASS transfers on handmade Kozo

Adam Neese, "Untitled (Burial at Site 2)", 2013
Medium: inkjet prints, unearthed gelatin silver print with type

Patrick O'Neill, "Denton Heights", 2012
Medium: inkjet print, machine prints

Lynné Bowman, "Untitled 16, 17, and 18", 2014
Medium: inkjet pigment prints

Elva Salinas, top: "Dreams", 2013; bottom: "Women of Del Rio", 2013
Medium: digital archival photos

Longhui Zhang, "Remember where you come from still?", 2013-14
Medium: fabric suitcases with wall paint

Rachel Rushing, "#nature", 2013
Medium: video projection

Ben Davis, "McCauley Farm, San Augustine County, Texas", 2013
Medium: archival pigment print, watercolor paper, ink

Derek Rankins, "Outline of Framed Photograph and Hanging Hardware", 2014
Medium: pencil, metal

Zachariah Hamze, "Untitled", 2014
Medium: inkjet pigment prints of Instagram screen grabs
, plastic sleeves, steel pushpins

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