"Company House ", 2003

Installation at Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington TX

"Company House" is about my search for the house in which my father was born. The house was owned by a paper mill, for which my grandfather worked. Objects depicted in a group of family photographs enabled me to map the property and pinpoint the exact location where the house had been. I am interested in the fact that the photographs functioned differently for me from their original purpose of documenting family life. The materials I have used in this series are both personal and symbolic; all relate to the house and mill. Like objects in photographs, these materials provide clues for the viewer to decipher and arrive at meaning.

"Company House: The House ", 2003
Medium: ink jet on gummed labels, pine lumber
Size: variable depending on space -
AMA gallery approximately 22 x 24´, lumber 1 x 6´´ x 6´. images 5 1/2´´(W) x 9´´(H)


"Company House: The House ", 2003 (detail)


"Company House: The Mill ", 2003
Medium: wood blanket, shredded Wall Street Journals
Blanket Size: approximately 8´(W) x 6´(H)
Size of Piled Shreddings: variable

"Company House: The Mill ", 2003 (detail)

"Company House: The Mill ", 2003 (detail)

"Company House: The Pump ", 2003
Medium: pine lumber, bricks, steel pipe, steel bucket, paint
Size: 4´´(W) x 4´´(D) x 2´´(H)

"Company House: The Pier ", 2003
Medium: bricks, paint
Size: approximately 12´´(W) x 12´´(D) x 18´´(H)

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