"Notices of Allen Gray", 1999

Installation at Handley-Hicks Gallery, Ft. Worth TX, 1999

"Notices of Allen Gray" is a body of work consisting of photographs, assemblages and small installation pieces based on historic source materials, including early 20th century family snapshots, written materials and objects. The photographs all exhibit errors on the part of the camera operator at the time the picture was taken. The most notable error is the phenomenon of parallax; therefore, heads of people are missing in the pictures. The resultant images and assemblage pieces examine the limitations of photography and memory to depict specific persons and moments in time.

"In nomine Patris" is a small installation-within-an-installation, consisting of rubbings taken from gravestones of my ancestors. The rubbings were made with black crayon onto pellon, a translucent lining fabric; these in turn were cut out and appliqued onto pieces of white 100% cotton fabric. They are hung with clothespins from ropes strung about 10-12 feet high across the gallery space. The lines are weighted at each end with iron sash weights. The practice of taking rubbings is similar to the practice of photography in that the image is a direct tracing of its referent. Through these practices I explore relationships between image and reality, memory and loss, individuals and family, pictures and words.

"Notices of Allen Gray", 1999 (installation view)

Top: "In nomine Patris", 1999
Medium: wax tombstone rubbings, fabric, rope, sash weights
Size: variable depending on available space - HH gallery 17x24�

Bottom left to right: "wait", "mother", "visitor", "himself", 1999
Medium: ink jet prints, black wood document frames, furniture

"visitor", 1999 (detail)

"In nomine Patris", 1999 (detail)

"mother", 1999; Size: 18''(W)x24''(D)x4'(H)

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