"Olivewood", 2002

Project Row Houses, Houston TX

"Olivewood" was installed at Project Row Houses during Round 16 as part of Fotofest 2002. It was based on my research into the history of Olivewood Cemetery, the oldest African American cemetery in Houston. This cemetery dates back to the mid-19th century and is the resting place of many early Houston residents. Trips were made to the cemetery to clean graves and gravestones, and to record information concerning the people buried there through photographs and rubbings. I find the practice of taking rubbings to be similar to the practice of photography in that the image is a direct tracing of its referent. Through these practices I explore relationships between the image and reality, memory and loss, individuals and family, pictures and words.

"Olivewood", 2002 (partial installation view)
Medium: wax on pellon fabric, osnaburg fabric, rope, paint
Size of Fabric Hangings: approximately 36´´(W) x 72´´(H)

"Olivewood", 2002 (detail)

"Olivewood", 2002 (detail)

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