"Paper House ", 2002

Installation at Texas Wesleyan University Art Gallery, Ft. Worth TX

"Paper House" is a floor piece consisting of shredded newspapers and white wool blankets, on each of which rest two greatly enlarged early 20th century family snapshots. The piled newspapers are arranged to resemble the floor plan of a house. Viewers walk through the maze-like series of rooms and look down on paired images of men, women, and children resting behind glass in black gridded window-like frames. Based on autobiographical subject matter, the work evokes a sense of place and history while exploring relationships between memory and loss, home and work, individuals and family.

"Paper House ", 1999 (installation view)
Medium: ink jet images, black wood document frames, white wool blankets, shredded newspapers
Size: variable depending on available space -
TWU gallery 31x45´, blankets 6x8´each, images 18´´(W)x44´´(H) each

"Paper House ", 1999 (detail)

"Paper House ", 1999 (detail)

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