"Seagoville Assignment ", 2002

Handley-Hicks Gallery, Ft. Worth TX

"Seagoville Assignment" is based on the history of the Seagoville Detention Station, an enemy alien internment camp located in Seagoville, TX during World War II. My mother worked for a brief time as a Junior Officer at the facility, and I have based portions of my installation on information recorded in the diary she kept during that time. Additional research led me to a woman who was born at the camp during her family's internment there. The image on fabric in the piece titled "Repatriation" is printed from a long-lost, but recently found photograph of the family as they boarded a prisoner-exchange ship for their return trip to Japan.

"Seagoville Assignment: Assignment ", 2002 (installation view)
Medium: chairs, ink jet on paper, ink jet on fabric, clipboards, wood document frames, fabric, embroidery floss
Size: variable
HH gallery approximately 17´(W)x35´(D)

"Seagoville Assignment: Assignment ", 2002 (detail)
Medium: ink jet on paper, clipboards

"Seagoville Assignment: Internment ", 2002 (installation view facing backward)
Medium: ink jet on paper, wood document frames, fabric

"Seagoville Assignment: Internment ", 2002 (detail)

"Seagoville Assignment: Repatriation ", 2002
Medium: photograph transfer on fabric, fabric, embroidery floss
Size: approximately 5´(W)x4´(H)

"Seagoville Assignment: Repatriation ", 2002 (detail)

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