"Tracings", 1996

Installation at Galveston Art Center, Galveston TX

"Tracings" was installed in the main gallery at Galveston Art Center during Fotofest 1996. It consists of ten assemblage pieces which together evoke a strong sense of place. Elements include enlarged early 20th century family snapshots, contemporary pinhole photographs of historic places, found objects, and constructed wood sculptural pieces. The work is an autobiographically based exploration of the relationship between photography and human memory.

"Tracings", 1996 (installation view)
Background left to right:
"Historical Marker", 1992, Medium: photographs, photocopy, 22 gauge rifle;
Size: 55''(W)x42''(H)
"Coded Crossings", 1992, Medium: photographs, wood, paint;
Size: 90''(W)x90''(H)
"Live Bait", 1992, Medium: photographs, photocopy, minnow buckets, wood, paint;
Size: 7'(L)x3'(W)x2'(H)
"Reference Point", 1992, Medium: photographs, photocopy;
Size: 36'(W)x42''(H)
"Index", 1992, Medium: photocopy, wood, paint;
Size: 6'(W)x9'(H)x3'(D)

"Reference Point" (detail)

"Live Bait" (detail)

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