"I've enjoyed . . ."

Facebook Comments on "Book Drop 2010"
by Susan Sponsler
October 31, 2010

"I've enjoyed watching this installation come alive. I love the mysterious energy that these simple little white notebooks evoke when photographed in the eery [sic] green light of hipstamatic. Previewing the books in the electronic atmosphere of Facebook and then installing the books in a beautiful natural landscape creates an interesting contrast. The rope tied around the books reminds me of how kids used to carry their books tied together; a glance into the past that now becomes linked with new electronic media and how the Internet is changing/influencing our world every day. Another question: are 'physical' books becoming obsolete in this new digital age?"

"Love the shadow; makes it look like you're lifting all of those books."

"Very cool and colorful grid of those little white books."

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