"In Depth with Artist Kathy Lovas"
in conversation with Liliana Bloch
October, 2020

"The upside of auto theft"
by Christopher Mosley
The Dallas Morning News

"Kathy Lovas' Clothing Crimes . . . and Misdemeanors"
by Matthew Bourbon
Glasstire, October 3, 2020

"CLOTHING CRIMES . . . and Misdemeanors"
by Danielle Avram
Published in a free takeaway available during exhibition
Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, TX
Fall 2020

by Todd Camplin
moderndallas, May 2018
Liliana Bloch Gallery, Dallas, TX
Fall 2020

"Kathy and Susan have a synergy . . ."
Facebook Comments on "RED/YELLOW: Connect"
by Curator David Kirkland
February 19, 2013

"Reframing Photography: theory and practice"
by Rebekah Modrak with Bill Anthes
New York, Routledge 2011

"I've enjoyed . . ."
Facebook Comments on "Book Drop 2010"
by Susan Sponsler
October 31, 2010

"It's Worth the Risk Parking"
Blog Post by Brad Ford Smith
Friday, March 5, 2010

"Second Look "
Exhibition Catalog Essay Excerpt
by Marilyn Waligore
Spring 2004

"Against Forgetting "
The Art of Space, Exhibition Catalog Essay
by Ronald Watson
Fall 2003

"Exhibit explores internment camps in Seagoville "
by Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
September 14, 2002

"Seagoville Assignment portrays life in
North Texas internment camp
Interview by Bill Zeeble, KERA 90.1 reporter
September 10, 2002, 03:32 pm

"A lasting imprint "
by Kathy A. Goolsby
Dallas Morning News
September 4, 2002

"In the name of the father "
by Mike Daniel
Dallas Morning News
December 24, 1999

"Kathy Lovas and Karen Simpson:
The Old Jail Art Center
by Curtis Martin
Fall 1998

"Snapshots of a family shows stories
with universal importance
by Suzanne Akhtar
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
March 1, 1998

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