"It's Worth the Risk Parking"

by Brad Ford Smith
Friday, March 5, 2010

Alison Starr

It was on one of those cold rainy days that we are having so many of, when I turned the corner and saw the sign for Mokah Coffee Bar and Mokah Art Gallery. Cold, wet, needing hot coffee and a good dose of art I ambled inside.

"No Parking Any Time" is the title of the group show that is up through March 6th. Kathy Lovas, Alison Starr and Du Chau have filled this surprisingly well put together gallery space with sculptures and wall installations that are derived from found objects.

Du Chau

Each artist is working with a source material that is commonly found in our everyday environment, such as sticks, stuffed animals or plastic shopping bags. These base materials have been transformed through various processes to become something new but still recognizable.


This juxtaposition creates a wide variety of tactile sensations and narratives. Du Chau's porcelain tree branches convey nature's beauty and it's fragileness. Kathy Lovas' plastic wrapped bunnies expose the scary interior of what we consider to be cute and cuddly. Alison Starr uses her sewing skills to transform pounds of plastic shopping bags into beautiful icons of mass consumerism.

So even though the card says "No Parking Any Time", ignore that. Grab a hot cup of Joe and spend some time in the gallery.

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