"Just Desserts / A Just Desert", 2014

"Just Desserts" and "A Just Desert" are a pair of companion art works in which I play with the spellings, definitions, and literary origins of a word. The wall-mounted wood cabinet houses slip-cast porcelain replicas of cupcakes, madeleine cookies, Starbuck's frappuccino bottles, and Shed Red hot fudge jars. The fabric diptych is embroidered with a quote from "A Warning for Fair Women" a play written in 1599 by William Aspley.

"Just Desserts", 2014
Medium: slip cast clay, wood cabinet, paint
Dimensions of installation: 29´´W x 32´´H x 5´´D

"A Just Desert", 2014
Medium: embroidery on cotton, museum pins
Dimensions of installation: 42´´W x 34´´H diptych

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